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A Note from our Chair

About Us

Mel Goodger

Thirteen years ago was introduced to the Harrow Twins Club -first born just two and a half years old, pregnant with twins and scared! I went along to a local HTC meeting and can remember immediately feeling more in control. I was with people who shared my experience yet seemed unflustered by having twins. I felt secure because I'd found people like me who had survived!

Just three years after that, I met my friends from the twins club and "offloaded" the momentous news that I was pregnant with another set of twins. Again I got a wonderful reaction of optimism (congratulations great news), realism (hard work, but you have the experience to cope) and total support.

I hope that 13 years on we still impart those sentiments to our members whenever we meet. I know the committee members echo this wish, but here's the great thing about the HTC - it's not a feeling exclusive to our committee. Each and every one of you has some experience regarding twins/multiples, which may be useful to others. It may not be an answer, but just a reassuring "Yes, I know how you feel" or "That's happened to me, too" or "This is what worked for me". When one member is in need of advice, guidance or just an empathetic ear, there is bound to be another who can provide it - You. It's a true sharing of information, however great or small - something that works, something that doesn't, something learnt, something lent, a new place to visit, a new viewpoint. All rolled into one - an HTC member! Glad to have you on board! Look forward to seeing you at some of our events.


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