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Catherine's Story

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With my son Joshua (5 years), I was unable to attend any baby or toddler groups as I had to go back to work full time soon after he was born. This time I made sure I took a year's maternity leave and was determined to attend a baby and toddler group. So I was very happy to discover the Harrow Twins Club.

Initially I was offered a very informative class helping to prepare for all the possible eventualities of having twins. The Club has been a great support network where any twin or general baby related issues (sleep, feeding, weaning, crawling etc) are discussed and where advice is given which I couldn't have done without. I have met other moms who know what it's like having twins but mainly I very much enjoy the socialising every week and meeting other new moms where I can chat and compare notes. I have also enjoyed the meals out that have been organised. I would certainly recommend the Harrow Twins Club to any prospective twin parents.

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