Harrow Twins Club

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About Us

The club is run by a small but enthusiastic group of volunteer mums who all have twins themselves:

Chair - Mel Goodger

Mel has a singleton, one set of identical girls and one set of fraternal boys so is adequately qualified to chair the Harrow Twins Club. She has been a member since 1999 when her first set of twins were born.

Treasurer - Lisa Money

Lisa is a mum to boy-girl twins and is also an accountant by trade so was the obvious choice for treasurer. She has been a member since 1999 when her twins were born.

Secretary - Kathryn Stagg

Kathryn is mum to identical boys born in 2005 and singleton boy born in 2010. Kathryn has no qualifications as a secretary as she is a woodwind teacher by trade. However, as she took over the toddler group in 2007 she seemed to be dealing with all the new memberships and emailing about events anyway so might as well make it official!

Social secretaries - Catherine Priest and Kelly Sweeney

Committee - Chris Michaeloudis

Chris is mum to singleton girl and fraternal girl twins and is our longest standing member. 1998.

Committee Members - Tracy Whaley, Josie McMorrow, Jennie Papprill

Toddler Group - Kathryn Stagg

Breastfeeding Peer Support Counsellors - Tracy Whaley, Kathryn Stagg, Annie Savova


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