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Graciela's Story

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When I was about 32 weeks pregnant with twins I was enormous, fed up, tired, and uncomfortable. I had my appointment to see the consultant and in my desperation I asked him to have C-section. I still remember the look in his face and the way he talked to me. Polite but firmly he said that I didn't know why I was asking for this, a C-section was a procedure only necessary in certain cases. In my case there was not a need for such a procedure due to my health, the positions of the babies, which were both head down, and he added, you need to be strong and well to look after those babies once they are here. Having a C-section only adds weight to the mother's recovery and adjustment process. The man was a right!

The day came and I went for a normal delivery, I'm not going to say that was a piece of cake but it was worth all the effort and pain. It took me 20 hours since my waters broke until the arrival of my first twin, a girl, Isabella, after 18 minutes and more pushing my second twin, a boy, Alistair, was here.

I came out of the experience with such a confidence in myself. I felt strong and all my worries before of how I'm going to cope with two babies almost vanished. I was lucky I had a great team of professionals in Watford Hospital. They were very good and most of a all I had my husband and mum there, supporting me every step of the way, massaging me, holding my hand, helping me with the birth.

I won't forget the face of my husband when he saw Isabella being born; that moment made everything worth it.

I'm so grateful to the consultant for his decision of going for a natural birth. I can say ... YES I DID IT!!!!!

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