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I discovered I was expecting twins at my 12-week scan and to say I was shocked was an understatement! Apart from fairly horrendous sickness for the first part of my pregnancy it was straightforward and I was allowed to go to 38 weeks. I was booked in for induction, was taken in on the Friday night when they gave me my first pessary to soften the uterus. They woke me a 6am to give me my second pessary. I began to dilate a little and they managed to break my waters then ordered me to walk for the next hour or so.
Once I was 3cms, at about 1pm, they hooked me up to a drip and started to give me the drugs to start the contractions. To cut a long story short, things did not progress well, and by 9pm I was still only 5 cms dilated. At this point we decided to go for an emergency c-section. We were whisked into theatre and at 10:05pm and 10:06pm my gorgeous baby boys were born. It took a further 45 mins to be sewn up and then I was taken to recovery.

At this point the babies were brought to me, one at a time, to breastfeed. They both latched on well as they were still alert from the birth. It was at this point when a mum who was 'going to give breastfeeding a try' suddenly turned into a mum who found it very important that she should breastfeed. It felt so good to feed them.

I am not saying it was all plain sailing, I got very sore, and did give in occasionally and gave a bottle, but by 3 weeks we were exclusively breastfeeding and I was feeling much more confident about the whole thing. I had excellent support from the breastfeeding café in Harrow and from a mum at Twins Club. I would tandem feed using my fantastic cushion whenever possible as this maximised my time in between feeds. I would wake up the sleeping twin when the other woke. Very soon they began to wake together. I was planning to feed for about 6 months, but once we got to that point, it was so straightforward, and because they were on solid food as well, they were in a good routine, so I decided it was easier to keep breastfeeding than to stop and have to start sterilising. I ended up feeding to just over one year. I realised that I had received such valuable support, which kept me going on the bad days that I decided to train as a breastfeeding peer supporter and I now help other mums to establish breastfeeding.

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