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Lowri's Story

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My triplets were born at 33 weeks gestation. After spending 5 weeks in special care they finally came home. 2 weeks after coming home I was faced with the reality of day to day life, coping on my own with 3 babies and no help whilst my husband was at work.

The babies were 9 weeks old the first time I took them to Twins Club. I would have gone sooner, but I lost the leaflet with the times on!

When I found out I was having triplets I was determined that I would not be a 'slave to routine'. I didn't see any reason why having three babies should change this.

Even though I did need to stick to a very tight routine of feeding and nap times, I never made an issue of where feeding or sleeping took place. This meant that I wasn't tied to the house throughout the day, and was able to attend a wide variety of groups and clubs, including Twins Club.

In the early days, even though the babies didn't get anything out of going to all the different groups, being out and about chatting to other mums (especially other multiple mums) really helped me get through the days.

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