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I was ecstatic to know that we were having twins and looked forward to their arrival. We knew that multiple pregnancies can pose a higher risk and so we were both keen to understand what problems might occur and to prepare ourselves in advance. We ticked off the weeks to their arrival, wondering how our lives were going to change and greeting each milestone with a mixture of relief and apprehension, as the due date got nearer.

At 28 weeks the consultant already had some concerns about the weight of one of the twins and started to monitor him more regularly. We knew that each day and week that passed before the twins arrived was important and took positives as the time elapsed. As we reached 35 weeks, the consultant decided that the weight disparity was such that the twins needed to come out and so a caesarian was scheduled and we announced the impending delivery to family and friends. However, the onset of pre-eclampsia meant that the boys arrived 3 days earlier in an emergency situation.

As it happened the twins weighed the same, 2.2kg, which was reasonable but not enough for them to leave hospital. After a few minutes with mum, I escorted them to intensive care and helped them to settle in, taking lots of pictures for their mum to look at, until she was able to go and see them.next few hours were split between my wife and the babies on different floors of the hospital. It was hard, not being able to hold them and looking at the tiny little guys sleeping peacefully in their incubators, but slowly and surely we were able to hold them more and more often and my wife was able to spend more time with them and bond. In some ways it was a gradual introduction to parenting as there was nursing support 24/7 and they could teach us basic skills such as bathing, nappy changing and so on (although changing nappies through access holes in an incubator is a challenge in itself!).

Having twins meant that as a dad I had to take a much more hands on role and help out at all hours, as with two babies, there was pretty much double the work compared to having one. So while the first few hours and days were hard there has been plenty of opportunity to bond with the boys in the weeks, months and years since.

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